Telcon International Convention Centre was established in 2017 in Thrissur with hosting facilities for exclusive private parties, weddings, meetings, conferences, conventions, gala dinners, art and fashion exhibitions, film and photoshoots and much more. The convention centre infuses the local economy with new money and expanding business opportunities. The awe-inspiring venue with luxurious facilities can host events for local and global audiences with an option to customize every detail to meet the specific needs of any special occasion. The convention centre has a built-up area of 70,000 sq. ft with Pax dining area, kitchen space, a prodigious car parking facility for 900 cars, an exclusive helipad and a swimming pool to fire up the happiness. Another subsidiary of Telcon group known as Gala is equipped with a built-up area of 38,000 Sq Ft and possesses all modern amenities with a seating capacity of 850 and 300 car parking facilities. Our properties provide an eco-friendly atmosphere with sewage Treatment, rainwater treatment, biogas plant and incinerator for waste disposal.

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